OUR MISSION: To provide prompt & exceptional flooring service resulting in 100% satisfaction.

Company Overview

Guardian Flooring Advancements specializes in hardwood flooring, both installation and sanding and refinishing. As a small company, we take pride in our ability to work closely with each customer, thus ensuring their guaranteed satisfaction with our work.


Owner and Operator, David Edwards has been working in the Hardwood industry for 16 years and offers a wealth of knowledge regarding products and services to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and what your floors need. 

Guardian Flooring takes pride in each and every project - from Modern to Farmhouse, or Contemporary to Historical, we are excited to transform your floors into something you could have only dreamed of.

Our Name


Guardian pays homage to the Edwards surname. Edwards is derived from the early medieval English given name, meaning “prosperous guardian”; while the word Guardian itself means “a defender, protector, or keeper.” 

In the flooring industry, our goal is to provide services that will keep your existing floors looking new through sanding and refinishing or resurfacing, as well as to defend your decision to select hardwood flooring installation with the purchase of new material, and also to protect you during this process, as well as the integrity of your floors, and thus, your home. 

Guardian Flooring Advancements is a company you can trust and depend upon to be: 

Hardwood flooring experts, resulting in the best hardwood flooring performance; Fair in our pricing; Respectful of your home ; And honest and true in the time frames we give you. 

About Our Founder

David Edwards started in the flooring industry when he was just 12 years old working for a family member sweeping floors. When he was old enough to operate power tools, he began installing hardwood, laminate, and engineered floors, quickly moving up the ranks. When new construction slowed along with the economy in 2008, he tried his hand at driving a dump truck, glass installation, and excavating, but ultimately found himself back in the flooring industry sanding and refinishing hardwood floors for Arvel Cox Hardwood Flooring Inc. 

Arvel Cox was a flooring legend in his own right; established in 1972, anyone in the hardwood business knew his name, so Mr. Edwards was able to train and learn from the best in the industry.

In 2010, Mr. Edwards decided it was time to follow his business ownership dreams and make his own mark on the flooring industry and thus, Guardian Flooring Advancements was established.


Dave Edwards, Owner and Operator of Guardian Flooring Advancements

Guardian Flooring Advancements

Our Family

David and Kristen met during a high school track meet and were married in early 2010. They have two wonderful little girls, Ava and Finley, as well as two Siberian Huskies and a Red Eared Slider Turtle. 

The Edwards embrace a DIY lifestyle and have had the opportunity to remodel and flip several of their own homes, giving them plenty of insight and experience living in a construction zone...with small children, which is why:

“We want to ensure your flooring experience is as convenient and easy to manage as possible. As a young family, we understand that life is busy and hectic and hard! But we also know that ‘family is everything’, which is why we treat all of our customers like family.” 


The Edwards


Roxy and Cana